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Preventive Dentistry

An Ounce of Prevention…

Everyone wants a beautiful, healthy smile. In fact we think you deserve one. Unfortunately there are a great number of factors always working against us to tarnish or damage that smile. preventive-dentistry-1That’s why at Generations Dental we make preventive care our highest priority. The best and most cost effective way to treat dental disease is to attack it before it happens. We will work with you to discover your individual dental needs using the latest in diagnostics, and tailor a preventive plan that compliments your strengths and lifestyle.


The medical community has been treating people based on risk for years. For example they may take your blood pressure, do some blood work, determine you have a risk for cardiovascular disease, and employ strategies including medications and suggested lifestyle changes to decrease that risk. At Generations Dental we are ahead of the curve, in dental risk assessment and prevention. We will use advanced diagnostic and assessment tools as part of our regular exams, combined with your past dental and medical histories, in establishing a risk profile for you. We will determine your risk for future dental disease in four areas; development of dental caries (cavities), development of gum disease, diseases affecting the jaw joints (TMJ) and bite, and oral cancers. Then we will discuss your options and together customize a preventive plan that fits you, considering your risk levels, time, desires and budget. We’ll keep you on track for the healthiest of smiles. It’s not your usual “just brush and floss better” preventive strategy. More on Risks/Solutions



Health anywhere in your body is due to a good balance. Our bodies are incredible machines and quite remarkable at adapting to the many insults and stresses that they encounter daily, usually recovering and retaining a healthy balance. When you get out of balance the factors that risk balance outweigh the factors that maintain balance and breakdown or disease occurs. No matter what type of oral disease we encounter good balance has been disturbed. We can fix the problem at hand which is the result of bad balance. But unless we restore a healthy balance we can only expect future problems or disease. We are here to aid, train, and coach you in achieving, recovering, or maintaining your healthy oral balance. More on Balance


Eating can be one of the more enjoyable activities in our lives. Flavors and textures stimulate our senses and pleasure centers in the brain. But eating the wrong foods, too often can place us out of balance for overall body health, weight, and oral health. healthy-foodOur body is like an engine, needing fuel for all our daily activities. Humans need help in processing (digesting) our fuel, and count on bacteria within us to help, starting in the mouth and all the way through. While most all of the bacteria are needed, there are some that are good for our oral health and some that are bad. When we feed ourselves we also feed the bacteria within us. Certain foods and drinks especially those that are more sugary and acidic can shift the balance in favor of the bad bacteria, thus in favor of more dental diseases. And it’s not just what we feed ourselves and our bacteria but how often this feeding occurs. More frequent meals lead to more frequent bacterial activity, negatively affecting our healthy oral balance. A healthier mouth and a healthier you start with making healthy eating choices.

Acid Fact Sheet (pdf)  


bristle vs tooth

Toothbrush bristle can’t fit into grooves of teeth.

We all have small groves, crevices or valleys in the biting side of most of our back teeth. These areas are very narrow, making them difficult to keep clean, and are prone to collect food and bacteria. Dental sealant is a flowable plastic material that can be applied to these teeth. It flows deep into the groves to seal out what otherwise would start the cavity process. Sealant B & AIf started when the teeth first come into the mouth you can protect your child’s teeth from ever getting decay on these surfaces. Adult teeth can be protected as well. Sealants can be a valuable tool in a preventive plan at any age.

More on Sealants


We all want a healthy smile, but it seems some have a more difficult time staying away from decay, no matter how hard they try. The CariFree line of products helps break the cycle of decay and restore a healthy balance in your mouth. Think of this product line as a tool to “reprogram” your mouth.  6953_CTx4_TreatRinse_A&BTooth decay is an epidemic. We are not OK with that. If you’d like, we’ll gladly help you see how CariFree may fit into your custom preventive plan. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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