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The 1st Dental Visit

It can be a challenge to present dentistry to children in a way that makes them good patients for life. Pleasant experiences early on will lead to good oral care for a lifetime. Our doctors, along with the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, recommend that our young patients have their first dental visit by their first birthday

Why so early?

It is very important to make the first visit as positive and enjoyable for the child as possible. This allows for a strong relationship to develop with the doctor and the staff, as your child gets acquainted with their new surroundings. It also allows us to access their risk of developing cavities and make recommendations to keep them cavity free for life.

Goals of the visit

This appointment is meant to educate parents on their child’s dental health. The visit lets parents discuss:

  • Any pertinent findings from the oral exam
  • Home hygiene/care for an infant’s or toddler’s mouth
  • The link between diet and oral health
  • Proper use of fluorides in preventing dental disease
  • Teething and major dental milestones
  • Oral habits, including pacifier use, thumb and finger sucking
  • Ways to prevent accidents that could damage the face and teethkid-brushing

Benefits of an early visit

A healthy happy smile has unlimited benefits. Starting early allows:

  • Setting the stage for a lifetime of positive oral care
  • Getting acquainted with new providers and facility in a non-threatening way
  • The ability to access and intercept developing problems
  • The development of an oral care plan to keep your child cavity free

After the visit, we will suggest a schedule for follow-up visits based on your child’s risk status. This is normally either 6 months for higher risk or 12 months for lower risk but can vary according to your child’s needs. We want to provide a fun positive experience and a dental home for your child to establish good oral care for a lifetime.


Your Child’s First Dental Visit – What to Expect (pdf)