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Looking Your Best

Everyone is attracted to white, healthy looking smiles. They make us look younger, more alive. But let’s face it, some people don’t smile as much as they’d like to. This may be due to discolored, unevenly spaced, misshapened, chipped, or crooked teeth.

Whitening products can now add brightness to otherwise dull smiles. The new filling materials available today allow for closing gaps between teeth, tooth reshaping, and correction of discolored or stained teeth with excellent results. Depending on the case, even slightly crowded teeth can be made to look straighter. With so many options for brighter teeth Dr. Jim can find the best fit for your needs.

Brightening your Smile

woman-smilingTooth whitening or bleaching is a safe simple way to brighten every smile. The key to a great whitening result is keeping the bleaching solutions in contact with the teeth long enough for proper activation and strength of that solution. White strips and tooth pastes seem easy and promise a lot but they often don’t have enough strength or allow adequate activation time. Dr. Jim utilizes custom fit mouth guards and proven bleaching agents that are safe and effective in giving that “flash” to your smile. At Generations Dental we’ve selected those proven bleaching agents and techniques that are safe, effective and affordable. Let us help you put that sparkle back into your smile.

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testimonial-portrait4 “I can’t afford to have a dull smile I work in sales and every impression I make is an important one. I couldn’t believe how natural looking my porcelain veneers are. It was like I had my old smile back, only whiter. Thanks Dr. Jim.”

Tooth Colored Fillings

saffert corey aftersaffert corey beforeNon-metallic fillings can be virtually undetectable and the improvements in these space age polymers are quickly becoming as durable and long lasting as the old silver fillings. When your fillings need repair or are just “worn out” consider a tooth colored alternative that will brighten your smile even further.


broken-toothCosmetic Bonding

Small to moderate size chips and imperfections can often be repaired with a one visit resin bonding technique. This procedure allows layering of material colors and tints to get the best match with your natural teeth. Bonding can also be done in a veneering fashion to cover the entire front side of your tooth. Cosmetic bonding is the most cost effective of your choices.

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Cosmetic Veneers

Porcelain veneers are thin “false fronts” that are placed on teeth to correct larger chips, gaps, and non-bleachable color imperfections. This is a two visit, custom laboratory produced restoration. They have the advantage of better longevity, stain resistance, and durability when compared with dental bonding, and are more natural in appearance.

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cosmetic-crownsCosmetic Crowns

When teeth are more heavily worn, over filled, or in higher stress situations a full complete crown may be suggested. All porcelain crowns give the most natural cosmetic result, where porcelain with a metal under structure gives the best strength. No person, tooth or situation is alike. Let Dr. Jim, Dr. Kelly and their team work with you to find the best solution for your cosmetic concerns, they’ll have you smiling again with confidence.



Cosmetic Crowns