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Dentures that look and feel good

Poorly fitting dentures can cause problems with nutrition, digestion, and general wellbeing. Older, worn down, stained dentures can take away from your youthful appearance.

Why not treat yourself to replacement teeth that make you look and feel good, are comfortable, and let you eat with confidence.

What are Dentures?

A denture is technically any appliance that replaces one or more missing teeth. We often think of dentures in terms of total tooth replacement but the styles include:

Fixed Partial Dentures – FPD’s commonly known as bridgework, this style of denture has the replacement teeth suspended from the neighboring healthy natural teeth or implants and is permanently bonded/glued in place. FPD’s are made to look and feel like natural teeth.

Removable Partial Denture – RPD’s uses a combination of remaining healthy natural teeth and/or implants to help support the appliance and keep it secure while functioning. RPD’s are removed for cleaning, rest and maintenance.

Removable Complete Overdentures – Overdentures are complete dentures that are supported and retained in place by portions of natural teeth and/or implants that are more at the level of the gum line. The Overdenture usually snaps on “over” the built in attachments for a more secure fit.

Removable Complete Denture – This is the denture most of us think of. It replaces all of the missing teeth. It is totally supported by the gum tissues and underlying bone. When made well these can look and function quite effectively.

Custom Denture Procedures

The variety of denture options may involve retaining teeth, making crowns and placing implants or other attachments, which are outlined in other sections. Once the mouth and teeth are healed and stabilized these general steps, each with their own appointment, are needed to build the denture:

1st visit

  • Initial molds are taken of your teeth and/or gums
  • Custom impression trays are lab fabricated

2nd visit

  • Custom trays are further modified for exact fit
  • Custom molds are made of your teeth and/or gums

3rd visit

  • Jaw positions are measured and analyzed
  • You help select your replacement teeth color, shape, and size

4th visit

  • For dentures that are supported by teeth/implants a supporting frame is positioned and checked for accuracy.
  • All items are sent to the lab for the denture set up

5th visit

  • Denture teeth are in a try-in media and can be modified for position
  • You approve color, shape, and arrangement
  • The denture is sent for processing

6th visit

  • Denture is delivered and adjusted
  • You get to enjoy your new dentures

7th visit +

  • Further adjustments are made to refine the fit and bite as needed for up to 6 months.

Denture fabrication is a fairly exacting process. The doctors at Generations Dental use a time tested approach to get the best results. Others may skimp on the number of appointments and cut corners to offer reduced costs. We look at value, keep in mind you usually get what you pay for.

Benefits of Removable Dentures

Removable dentures can have many benefits including:

  • Proven strategy for replacing multiple missing teeth
  • Restores esthetics and function
  • Most cost effective for multiple tooth replacement
  • Restores your confidence

Denture wearers agree that retaining multiple teeth or using implants greatly enhance the wear and performance of their denture. We can customize an approach for you that deal with any issues you are facing, and make it work with your needs, desires, lifestyle and budget.