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Restorative / Adult Dentistry

stockoldercoupleKeeping Your Teeth For a Lifetime

As your teeth age, they have special needs. The brightness dims a little, your gums may recede (a sign of gum disease), the teeth may chip and wear, and yes, without proper care, you could even lose a few teeth.

Lucky for you Generations Dental is a full service dental practice that can fulfill almost all of your needs at one location. We understand that choosing the right practice to fit your dental needs is an important decision. Dr. Jim and Dr. Kelly have the knowledge and experience necessary to prove you and your family with optimal oral health and beautiful smiles that will last a lifetime.

Your Teeth Need Some Support

Around 80% of Americans have some form of gum or periodontal disease, and it’s your gums and underlying bone that holds and supports the teeth in your jaws. Gum disease is the major source of tooth loss after our teenage years. So keeping your gums in tip top shape is critical to keeping your smile. At Generations Dental we have a wide range of therapies to rejuvenate the gums, and home care strategies to hold on to your teeth for a lifetime.

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service-people“I guess I was a little embarrassed about losing a couple of teeth. But Dr. Jim made me feel so comfortable. He developed a precision fit bridge that looks great. Even my husband can’t believe how good it looks. And he can be pretty skeptical.”

Fillings to Crowns

We use our teeth a lot over our lifetimes. Breakdown of our teeth, be it from decay, trauma, wear, or general use does happen. We are here to help you fix these problems. If the damage is small a simple filling might do the trick. If the damage involves more of the bulk of the tooth it might be best to repair it with an onlay or crown. We’ll evaluate and present your options and decide on solutions together.

Whether its cosmetics, durability, cost or all three that shapes your decision, we can guide you to the best solution to fit your circumstance, desires and budget.

Filling & Crown Comparison


root-canalRoot Canals

People always cringe when you bring up “root canals”. When the nerve of the tooth gets damaged or infected by more extensive decay or trauma a root canal is often needed. Your nerve may be dead or dying inside the tooth, and unfortunately your body just can’t fix it on its own, even with antibiotics.

The great news is your tooth can often be saved. For most people, when caught early, having the procedure done can be just as easy and comfortable as having a regular filling done. Don’t wait until it really hurts, place a call to Generations Dental


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Despite our best efforts to save a tooth, sometimes tooth removal is the only alternative. And if you need that tooth removed, we at Generations Dental our committed to providing you the most comfortable, pain free procedure possible.

tooth-acheNo matter if your problem tooth is cracked, traumatized, or suffers from severe decay or gum disease, as well as wisdom teeth that just won’t fit in your mouth; we’ll do our best to help you out. And then we’ll help you look for the right option for tooth replacement that fits your life, desires and budget.

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Filling the Gap

Having a missing tooth not only has cosmetic and functional disadvantages, but it allows for tipping of the surrounding teeth and the collapse of the bite. Custom made bridgework can replace the look, feel, and function you lost along with the tooth.

Dental implants can be used to replace single or multiple teeth with the advantage of not altering any neighboring teeth. They provide anchorage to the bone that is very similar to       your natural roots. Implants can also be used to give dentures a stronger hold.

Tooth Replacement Options


Dentures that look and feel good

denture-couplePoorly fitting dentures can cause problems with nutrition, digestion, and general well being. Older, worn down, stained dentures can take away from your youthful appearance. Let Dr. Jim and Dr. Kelly put some zip back into your smile.

Tooth shape, color, and positioning are selected to match your complexion, facial shape, and more. Your input is valued and critical in this process. But looks aren’t all; our doctors take the time to make the fit just right.

Tooth Replacement Options


TMJ and Bite Therapy

Sometimes the jaw joints (TMJ’s) can be tender, along with the muscles that operate your jaws. Often this can be attributed to imbalances in the bite due to wear and other factors. We will evaluate for disease and risk in this occlusal (bite) system and offer solutions for the long term health of your jaw joints and muscles, as well as your teeth.

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And Much, Much More

Generations Dental also offers most of the other traditional dental services.   Sports mouth guards, sealants, the list goes on and on. This is a full service dental practice which can fulfill all of your needs at one location.

If your teeth are great and all you’re looking for is maintenance, if you’re looking for enhancing your current smile, or if you need to rebuild your smile. Whatever your particular needs, our doctors will always listen to your concerns and explain everything to you. So you can be sure you’ll get the kind of care you and your smile deserve.