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Don’t miss life because of missing teeth

Implants provide a great option for missing natural teeth. Advances in dental materials and techniques can now provide optimal esthetics and function in almost any area of the mouth. And in healthy individuals can provide decades of service.

What is an implant?

Dental Implants are synthetic structures that are placed in the area of the tooth normally occupied by the root. Typically made of titanium these artificial roots help deter future loss of bone and provide a solid base for attaching an individual tooth, or as support for a future bridge or denture.

The two most common implants:

Conventional Size Implants- Conventional sized implants come in sizes and shapes that replicate the surface areas of the tooth roots they are replacing. This allows for a higher natural biting force to be accepted. These implants can be used for replacement of individual teeth, multiple teeth, or in combinations of 4 to 6 implants to restore an entire jaw with teeth.

Mini Dental Implants – MDI’s are a much slimmer designed implant primarily used for an economical option to help retain dentures. At nearly one third the cost of conventional implants these MDI’s are less invasive and require less healing time.

The Implant Procedure

Implant procedures vary greatly based on the number of teeth involved and the final appliance chosen, one tooth or multiple teeth, for your particular case. Outlined is the typical implant placement:

Conventional Size Implants – This surgical placement procedure is usually done with our gum specialist who are best equipped for variations and needed modifications in the jaw structure

1st visit

  • The area around the target sites are numbed and isolated for the procedure
  • The area is prepared for good visual access of the surgical site
  • The implants are placed in the boney housing
  • Any enhancement of the boney area is performed if needed
  • The site is closed to provide maximal healing
  • Post-operative care is discussed

2nd visit- after 3 to 6 months healing

  • Healing is confirmed
  • You are sent back to us, the Generations Dental team, to restore anything from a single tooth to a denture, see those sections for further procedure outlines

Mini Dental Implants – This surgical placement procedure is more routine and less invasive and performed in our office.

1st visit

  • The area around the target sites are numbed and isolated for the procedure
  • Implants usually placed through the tissues
  • Existing denture is modified to allow denture placement and healing of implants
  • Post-operative care is discussed

2nd visit – healing can be 1 week to 1 month

  • Healing is confirmed
  • Attachments are placed in underside of denture
  • You get to enjoy a more secure denture fit

Benefits of Dental Implants

The many benefits of dental implants include:

  • Help to minimize the bone resorption process
  • Look feel and function like natural teeth
  • Do not compromise adjacent teeth by grinding them down for a bridge
  • Increased stability, making chewing more natural
  • Improved appearance
  • Easier to clean than traditional tooth replacements
  • Keeps adjacent teeth from shifting or tipping
  • Help eliminate pain and movement of ill-fitting dentures

There is a lot of variability in developing an implant plan ranging from a rather simple single tooth implant to more complex full mouth rehabilitation with implants. We are here to help you weed through the options and develop a plan, with or without implants, and find what’s best for your desires, your goals, your budget and your lifestyle. Thanks for trusting Generations Dental for your family’s dental needs.