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Tooth Replacement & Implants

Don’t Miss Life Because of Missing Teeth

We live in a great time, so many options exist to replace missing teeth that generations before us didn’t have available. Implant technology has exploded making them the popular choice, especially for single tooth replacement. Bridgework has been around for centuries and is a dependable permanently bonded solution. Removable dentures still play an important role and are more stable than ever if attached to a few implants for support.

No matter your circumstance the doctors at Generations Dental can provide options for your tooth replacement needs that fit your desires and budget.

ortho_lady“I have really no recognition that there’s an artificial tooth in my mouth. I can’t tell when I eat or when I talk that I have an implant……and actually nobody else can either. Dr. Jim was right, it’s as solid as my original tooth.”


implant_seriesWhether you’re missing one or all of your teeth implants offer you the options most like your natural teeth. The implant’s “root” portion actually fuses with the bone providing years and years of service. Implants offer benefits over traditional bridges. With implants there’s no need to grind down healthy adjacent teeth. The implant acts as a root to help prevent bone deterioration and delivers long lasting beautiful teeth.

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bridge_seriesBridgework is still a great option for replacing teeth. It involves attaching the fake tooth to the neighboring teeth (usually with crowns). Bridges are permanently bonded and look and feel like natural teeth.

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When multiple teeth have been removed, we need replacements for esthetics, function, nutrition and digestion. Dentures are usually the most economical way to replace multiple missing teeth. Dentures can be made to fit around remaining teeth (partial denture), or to replace all of the teeth (full denture).

Utilizing any existing teeth or implants can help stabilize the denture in your mouth and is often desirable.

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