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Balanced Oral health

We all strive to achieve a healthy balance in most aspects of our lives and it really is no different for our oral health. In the past dentistry was more reactive to oral disease, fixing the problems as they were noticed. More now than ever we have available viable preventive options for those who wish to be more proactive in halting, reducing, and eliminating their future oral disease.
Be it decay, gum disease or bite issues, it’s all about balance. Following are some newer strategies in achieving balance between health and decay.

Have you heard any of these myths about tooth decay?

“Maybe you just have soft teeth”
“Sugar is the cause of Cavities”
“Just brushing and flossing will prevent cavities”
Fillings will stop the decay process”
“You can’t catch a cavity from someone else”

While some of these are partially based in fact, some simply aren’t true. The research shows that cavities are caused by bacterial infection/imbalance known as caries. This imbalance occurs when the risk factors for disease outweigh the protective factors for health. By understanding what causes an imbalance of the oral environment and making adjustments, the disease can be controlled and your incidence of cavities can be reduced or eliminated!

Are you in balance?

Here are a number of factors that can tip you either in the direction of good oral health or tooth decay.

Caries Risk Assessment- What is it?

Due to new research on cavities and what causes them, we know everyone is at risk for developing decay at some point in their lifetime. Caries Risk Assessment is a diagnostic method used to identify issues before irreversible damage occurs. Essentially, it is an assessment of the balance between risk factors for the disease and protective factors keeping you healthy.

Why should I care?

Based on your risk factors for the disease, Dr. Jim and Dr. Kelly can tell you your likelihood of experiencing new cavities in the next 12 months. Below is a chart that shows the risk of forming new cavities based on your level of risk

How can we get things in better balance?

We are here to help evaluate where you are, identify what can be modified, and give you suggestions into some of the newest strategies. Check out some of our excellent and effective products.

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At Generations Dental are Doctors and staff are committed to getting and keeping you in balance, reducing and hopefully eliminating your incidence of all oral diseases for you and your family. That should keep you smiling.