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General Dentistry

Dentistry that is about you

Dentistry is very personal. You’ve got someone up close, in your “space”, taking control, working in an area of your body that you’d rather have left alone. We get all that. We’ve felt that way ourselves in health care settings.

That’s why at Generations Dental we want to put the person, you, back at the center of personal dental care. It’s about getting to know you, the person behind the smile. It’s about learning what your problems, needs, wants, and goals for your smile might be. It’s about discovering what condition your smile is in, and what might threaten it in the future. It’s about finding what barriers might exist that keeps you from attaining your ideal smile (health, time, finances, etc.) It’s about developing a reasonable plan that considers all of these factors customized to meet your long term goals.

But what it’s really about is putting the control back where it belongs, with you. The choices are yours.

At Generations Dental that’s how we help people maintain their teeth for a lifetime.

The Initial Exam

Now that we know all about you it’s time for a thorough evaluation of you dental condition. The teeth, gums, bite, muscles, and jaw joints are checked for any irregularities. An oral cancer screening is performed as well. Advanced diagnostic tests are available and utilized as they fit to your specific needs. If dental disease is present it’s recorded. An assessment of your risk for future disease is established.

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testimonial-portrait5“My last dentist kept bugging me to have my work done, but things felt fine, so I put it off. I don’t know what it is but I tend to avoid the dentist. But with Dr. Jim I felt much more in control. He showed me the problems and answered all my questions. My mouth has never felt better. And I’ve never had a more thorough exam.”

Radiographs (x-rays)

xray-mouthDental disease does happen in spots we just can’t see with our eyes. Dental x-rays are necessary to evaluate those areas between the teeth and under the gums that we can’t see. This allows us to discover and treat problems at a much earlier stage, when needed and before it hurts.

X-ray safety is one of our concerns. That’s why here at Generations Dental we’ve been “digital’ since 1998. Digital sensors can reduce radiation by up to 90%. We also customize your x-ray schedule based on your history and risk for disease. The healthier you are, the less you need, putting you more in control of that schedule.

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Co Diagnosis

Illustrations_Generations_LO-92Sit back as Dr. Jim or Dr. Kelly use some of the latest advances in video and x-ray technology to help you see and understand the findings. They’ll take time to listen to your feedback, thoughts and concerns. Then come up with treatment options that fit your condition, your goals, your schedule and your budget.

Once your dental troubles are under control, a custom preventive program will be tailored for your specific needs.

Seeing is Believing