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Who We Serve

We work hard to provide the best dental care, no matter what your age, or schedule.

As our name implies, at Generations Dental, we like to provide dental care for all generations. Having doctors and staff in different age groups help us be more relatable to a broad range of clients. Whether you’re a traditional, a boomer, a gen x, gen y, or gen z, we take the time to understand the different needs, wants, and approach to care that fits you and your situation. We’ve been helping people smile with confidence for more than 30 years and have an excellent reputation working with patients from 1 to 100.


Family and Pediatric

Family dentistry starts with the first tooth. Our pediatric focus caters to the needs of young patients and includes in house expertise ranging from prevention, to minimally invasive tooth repair, to orthodontics.

Dr. Kelly spends time each week also working at the pediatric dental clinics at Children’s Hospital and brings her calming demeanor in to every situation. Dr. Jim has provided orthodontic care in both traditional and Invisalign techniques for over 20 years. And of course a broad range of services are available for mom and dad as well.

We understand the busy lifestyles of today’s modern family can get pretty crazy. Let us help you work important healthcare like dentistry into your schedule. It helps when we’re a one stop shop.

Working Professionals

A great smile can open doors in your personal and professional life. We offer a full range of innovative services in one location and flexible scheduling to meet the needs of those with busy lifestyles.

We provide many cosmetic options including bleaching, veneers, and orthodontics (like Invisalign) to give you that winning smile

Appointments can be made early or later in the day to meet your needs. Visits can be streamlined or altered to maximize treatment to be done, so time away from work is minimized. Still allowing you to create and maintain great oral health.

Let us weed through the insurance, and help set up payment options if needed.

And let our wi-fi keep you connected if you’re waiting, which you rarely if ever will.



Once you’re past the years of raising your families, and countless hours on the job, putting others first, many of us find it’s time to take care of ourselves. You should, you’ve earned it.

At generations dental we offer a full complement of services to brighten, enhance, and rehabilitate any smile. You feel youthful and energetic. Why not have your smile match your attitude?

Our multi-generational approach can give you the advantage of time tested experience coupled with new innovative approaches.

Let us help you face what might be the best years of your life, smiling.


Seniors (70+ years young)

Year by year average life expectancy continues to rise, yet as people move into their “golden years” we often see hesitancy in keeping their mouths in good health.

At Generations Dental we feel everyone, no matter what the age, deserves a comfortable, healthy, functional smile. An investment in oral health will always pay dividends.

Sure health and physical constraints such as arthritis may make caring for your mouth more difficult. Changes in your body’s defense systems and medication induced dry mouth can allow dental disease to flourish more than in your past. Your diet might even lead to more dental risk. That’s why we are here to help, when you may need it most.

We can develop a plan that can maintain the teeth you have, keep you comfortable, provide function to enjoy your favorite foods, and flash a smile to your friends and loved ones.

If you no longer feel the need for that “movie star smile” that’s OK. Let Dr. Jim and Dr. Kelly help make your oral health goals affordable. You’re still a star to them.


Adult caregivers/ Advocates

We live in a world where more and more adult children are involved in caring for their parents later in life, often due to age and health related concerns such as dementia. Also many people of all ages with other special needs rely on family as advocates in obtaining health and dental care.

At Generations Dental we also embrace these individuals as part of our dental family. Rest assured your loved ones will be treated with the utmost of respect and understanding. As always, we take the time, and use a caring approach in all aspects of treatment for the entire family, including those with special needs.

You will be “in the loop” on all care decisions. We will connect any special health challenges with the dental care needs, as we plan and deliver the best dental care solutions for those you love.


 Special Needs

We all like to think we’re special and we are. But some individuals because of learning and/or cognitive differences need treatment approaches that fit specifically with their special needs. At Generations Dental our goal is to have your entire family, including your special person, receive their dental care all under one roof.

Dr. Kelly has additional experience, training, and patience in customizing care in her work with the Children’s Hospital dental clinics. We will consider the clinical as well as the emotional needs of your special family member and provide a plan of treatment that’s the right fit. And we can help weed through some of the roadblocks and paperwork that sometimes comes with the various programs your loved one is enrolled in.

We invite you and your family to join our dental family, because you are special.