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5 Easy back-to-school snacks that are good for your teeth

  • September 1, 2016
  • by Generations Dental
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After a long day at school filled with learning and playing, your kids probably come home with quite an appetite and in search of a snack. Instead of rummaging through the cabinet until settling on a fruit roll-up, try a healthier option that will keep them full and smiling.
Here are some teeth friendly snack ideas that will work perfectly as an after school re-fuel.

  1. Fruit and cheese “Magic Wands.”  This easy snack can make eating fruit fun.  All you have to do is pick out some slices of a favorite cheese and some fruit.  Skewer them in an alternating pattern on a bamboo kabob stick and you have a fun snack.  These can be renamed “snack swords” if magic wands aren’t your thing.  For a fun twist, use a small cookie cutter to give the cheese a different shape.  Cheese is high in calcium which helps your teeth stay strong.  It also acts as a buffer to neutralize the acid found in most fruits, which helps keep teeth cavity free.
  2. Plain popcorn and a handful of mixed nuts.  The protein and whole grains in this easy to assemble snack will keep your child full until dinner time.  The low amount of sugar in this snack makes it healthy for the whole body.
  3. Pita bread and hummus.  This is another snack that offers some sneaky protein to keep your kiddo stay full. Cut up some pita bread into fun dippers and let your child scoop up as much protein rich hummus as he wants.  Pita bread isn’t as likely as chips or crackers to get suck in the grooves on the biting surface of teeth.  Keeping these grooves debris free helps prevent cavities from forming in an area that is difficult for a toothbrush to reach.
  4. Berry and yogurt parfait.  Yogurt is great for teeth and the whole body.  The calcium in yogurt is a building block for strong teeth.  Plus, the pro-biotics help the digestive system work smoothly, fight bad breath and even help keep the gums healthy.  For the most tooth-friendly option, choose a yogurt that is plain and full-fat.  Add sweetness with fruit. (Did you know that low-fat foods often have added sugar to boost the flavor the missing fat left behind?)
  5. Ants on a log.  We recommend a surprising twist on this classic.  Chocolate.  Yes, you heard us right.  Raisins and other dried fruits tend to have a lot of sugar in small, sticky package. Sticky sugar is about the worst thing for your teeth. For our version of this classic snack, take some celery sticks and spread on a little peanut butter (nut butter or seed butter also work).  Add a few chocolate chips to act as your “ants” and you are set to go.  Even though there is some sugar in the peanut butter and chocolate chips, the celery does a pretty good job keeping it from sticking to the teeth because of its crispness. That makes this a fun and filling snack.

We hope you give these fast and easy snacks a try.  They are tasty and will keep your child full.  These teeth friendly snacks will bring a healthy smile to your child’s face (and keep it there).